Moraleja de Cuellar, a small village in the province of Segovia, is inhabited by eleven families during the winter, and in recent years, four new families have been established with other professional and artistic profiles. This district, like many other towns in Spain, suffers from institutional abandonment and the neglection by the heirs of old houses, barns and other buildings that are in a ruinous state, with the evident danger of collapse and the abandoned land then turns into garbage dumps, where weeds roam freely.

We have cleaned and adapted the land, by removing the weeds and garbage and installed a drainage tube in order to prevent flooding of the land. Once the area is prepared, we have then created a collaborative mural painting, built urban furniture, and created a playground and meeting point, all made from recycled materials.

Together, with the help of the residents of the town, we have created a series of activities & workshops such as "The identity of Your Town" or "Create Your Own Scarecrow". There was also a cooking class, introduction to becoming a DJ, a dance class, and a funky costume workshop, which all comes from recycled materials and to top it off, we had a street market.
The experience was a complete success, with a high participation of residents of all ages and generating a new attractive space for the town, made by everyone for everyone.