Our purpose is to activate rural areas through sustainability, creativity and play. Imagine, Inspire and Create other possible worlds to experience the joy of promoting the development of communities and witness the flourishing of the rural depopulated areas in Spain.

We transform spaces in very poor condition and endow them with new life, through the creation of artistic installations that learn and enhance their surroundings. We create new ties between the inhabitants and the visitors promoting playful and artistic collaborative experiences promoting the links between tradition and innovation.

Vivito y Puebleando is an association formed by a multidisciplinary group of creatives, builders, restorers and designers backed by Guts Collective, group of artists from Madrid.

Committed to art, heritage conservation, environment, collaborative and fun experiences, we believe in the need to give new life into the villages, without losing their mores and traditions through the collaboration of the entire community.

We want to work with municipalities, associations, festivals, artists and artisans to create new memories in your town!

Send us a mail to: info@vivitoypuebleando.com